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Already April!

Venturii Buscom has seen tremendous development over the past month, and what may even be an architecture shift for the entire Venturii platform. Whereas I used to create separate modules whose sole existence was to communicate with one type of device, service or system, I found that I was having to re-use a lot of the foundational code in each module. This resulted in many copies of essentially the same thing, but applying bug fixes and feature additions became tedious and repetitive and in some cases, intermittent. Therefore I had an epiphany one morning as I was working on Buscom – why not modularize the communication code?

I wandered down the path of this thought process and came upon a system whereby clearly marked delineation points became apparent between what would be the base module (Buscom) and the differentiated code necessary for communicating with each disparate system. It made sense to me to separate this code into plug-ins, each of which could utilize the same base code Buscom was providing for establishing socket or serial communication with a thing, as well as the backbone communication to Decider. This lead to the rapid development of three plug-ins concurrently, each of which was growing off the same trunk of code.

Naturally one can still deploy multiple instances of Buscom, and indeed one could continue to utilize a single instance of it to house the communication pathway between a single system and the rest of Venturii. Thus there would still be all the benefits of an individual module communicating with an individual system, without the drawbacks of having to maintain multiple copies of the same pieces of code.

This new architecture has me so excited that I am planning to develop (or in some cases, re-develop) more integrations in the near future using it. Indeed it expedites the development process significantly, allowing more time to be spent on the actual integration and less in preparation for it. Look for a new integration announcement in the next month or so!

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