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Venturii 0.5.0 Feature List

Here are some of the features slated for the upcoming release of Venturii 0.5.0:

  • XML Message Queue-based Inter-Process Communication
    • Ensures all messages get delivered between modules and Decider
    • Re-sends messages that are not acknowledged
    • Traps messages that are not understood by the other party for examination (troubleshooting)
    • Provides an idle “ping” mechanism for ensuring the connection is good, taking corrective action (reconnecting) if it detects a problem in the TCP/IP socket.
  • WebSockets-based User Interface API for developing web applications that communicate in real time with Decider for live status updates and instant control over any device attached to Venturii.
    • Streamlines application development, platform independant.
    • WebSockets is supported by recent versions of all major browsers reducing browser cross-compatibility issues
    • Messages from the server can reach the clients immediately, no waiting for a poll cycle.
    • Low CPU overhead for multiple concurrent client connections
    • Sample web-based UI code will be included, though a complete UI is not scheduled for release in 0.5.0 due to time constraints.
  • Event Counter
    • Count the occurrences of rising edge, falling edge, change of state, or all changes to a digital source.
    • Various logging mechanisms:
      • Event Occurrence
      • Cumulative Tally over Defined Periods of Time
  • Value State Timer – measures the amount of time a source spends at each value point; effective on both digital (two-state) and analog (multi-state) input sources to provide a “run-time” counter, logging things like “How long did my furnace run today?” or “How many minutes of sunlight did we get in February?”
    • Smart Start – planned feature in Decider will backfill the Value State Timers for each input when a configuration set is loaded, determining retroactively the amount of time the value spent in every state so that the timer is always up-to-date and Decider resets do not lose information.
  • New logging mechanism within the GVES database, specifically aimed at supporting the Value State Timer though it may see other uses in time.

There is no release date set yet, but testing is underway at the moment and I hope to have 0.5.0 released soon.

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