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The Venturii Flood-Preventer

I own a compact disc containing a number of Monty Python sketches made for radio / audio only. One of those sketches depicts a conversation between a man who has inherited 122,000 miles of string and an advertisement executive bent on selling said string. The only problem, says the man, is that due to bad planning, the 122,000 miles of string is in three inch lengths. Undaunted, the advertiser announces proudly, Well that’s our selling point! Pre-cut, easy-to-handle, individual stringette’s. He then goes on to praise the many (unreasonable) uses of such a product, culminating their imaginary uses with the title of flood preventers!

As it turns out, Venturii has proven itself to be a much more effective flood preventer than 3″ lengths of string, regardless of the quantity. Two real world cases in the past week have seen considerable costs of flood damage averted by homeowners who have deployed Venturii in their houses. In the interest of full disclosure, I am one of those homeowners. Even so, the results were no less impressive and the savings were no less real when my hot water tank burst while I was away on vacation and Venturii immediately shut off the water to my house, changing the outcome of a hot water tank bursting with 80 PSI of water pressure behind it for 14 hours to about 4 gallons of water from residual pressure and gravity trickling out of the new hole in the water tank and onto the floor.


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