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Water Meter Reader Prototype Takes Shape

Components of the Venturii VDAC Water Meter Reader

All the hardware components have been assembled for the Venturii VDAC-Based Water Meter Reader.

Over the past couple of nights I’ve been working on building a prototype of the Venturii VDAC Water Meter Reader, and so far it is shaping up nicely. This collection of circuit boards, sensors and screens will form the test bed for a new PCB design to bring all this functionality into a single package, and also allow the new firmware to be tested. The goal of this project is to produce a system for reading [my] water meter, providing real-time flow rate data, along with incremental cumulative consumption data. This data will be incorporated into Venturii for storage, analysis and reaction (IE: leak detection, sprinkler head damage, toilet running away, etc.)

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